the first hike I organized in film

Taken using Nikon FA with Kodak disposable film. 2016 feels like ages ago. I miss the breeze you only feel when you reach a certain peakI miss the muscle pain you get days after a climb I miss so many things about mountain-climbing I have hope that someday we'll climb mountains againwe'll rise to new… Continue reading the first hike I organized in film

staying creative in this crisis

Last year, a few months into not going outside at all, I had an opportunity to talk about how to stay creative in a time of crisis through a Zoom talk with a marketing agency called Shutterlight Digital. I met the agency's founder, Shaira, when I posted an Instagram story of myself singing about asking… Continue reading staying creative in this crisis

stills from Shanghai

So grateful for all the places my feet have been to. I remember a year where I got to go on adventures in different places every month.Indeed, there's a time for going and a time for staying.It's been a year since the community quarantines started. There are so many things I miss about travelling, but there's… Continue reading stills from Shanghai

deus ex machina //

deus ex machina Intervention. God often intervenes when He knows it’s His perfect timing. We’re all prone to planning, dreaming, imagining a future. Maybe with the person you’re planning to spend the rest of your life with. Or a dream job you’ve been preparing for for so long. It can also be a concept––a world… Continue reading deus ex machina //

indifference is the real enemy

The #EnhancedCommunityQuarantine is bringing out different coping mechanisms in me. Most days, it’s cleaning my room or organizing my files. Other days it’s lazing around the couch and finding new movies to watch. Since it began, I’m grateful I have more time in my hands, but I also noticed that spending too much time on… Continue reading indifference is the real enemy

hope in s t i l l n e s s

During times of crisis or panic (within myself or the world around me), my immediate reaction is almost always panic. And don’t we all have that “emergency response” in our minds, in what we do, and what comes out of our mouths (or in recent case…our keyboards and social media feed). It’s so easy to… Continue reading hope in s t i l l n e s s

the beauty of idiosyncrasies

No beauty without strangeness. (remixed Edgar Allan Poe quote) I made a shirt design for one of our subjects in college, alongside a peacock I copied from another illustrator. (Don't worry, I did it for the grade, not for money) One of my main prayer and struggle as an artist is finding my own illustration… Continue reading the beauty of idiosyncrasies


I have this habit of staying up until 12 midnight just so I can scroll through my Facebook memories. I like looking back and reading what I shared on my social media timeline— from the cringe-worthy and funny photos from high school and college to the random quotes and links I’d post. I like seeing… Continue reading /OnThisDay

Starting over;

What does a new start look like to you? A clear desk? An empty room? A blank canvas? A book that still smells of fresh ink from the press? Starting over sounds so grim because of the word, “over” Wanting a new beginning almost always means that you failed, you crashed, or you didn’t play… Continue reading Starting over;

Dear woman, you are precious not

you are precious not because of the clothes you wear, the adorning of your hair, the lashes you bat, nor are you precious because of the clothes you don, or the makeup you put on You are not precious because men say you are, nor are you precious because of the likes, taps, or swipes… Continue reading Dear woman, you are precious not