m a k e u p

My journey into the big world of beauty only started last year. I got ushered in when I took the Makeup Techniques short course at SoFA Design Institute. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision to join the class. I’ve never really seen makeup as something I’d like to learn. Yes, I appreciate beauty editorials in magazines, and I’ve watched makeup artists do their magic during shoots; but I’ve never thought of doing something like that. So if you told me a year ago that I would, in fact, DO something like that, I would laugh and shrug it off.

I enrolled for that class thinking why not? I’ve never done it before and trying wouldn’t hurt. I can treat it as learning another creative skill. This time, the face will be my new canvas.

Those thoughts eventually made way for a shift in perspective. From seeing makeup as a showcase of vanity, I now see that it can also be a form of creative expression. From seeing it as superficial to being a way of caring for yourself. I learned that makeup isn’t all about the glamour. It’s not just about looking good to feel good. I even used to look at putting stuff on your face as tampering on the “natural” beauty that God gave. Now I see it as a means of being a good steward of what He created.

sir bobby
My MUA mentor, Bobby Carlos

That’s not all. Through the class, I got to learn from one of the best in the industry, Bobby Carlos. He always encouraged us that we can never be like him when it comes to being a makeup artist; because we can always be better. With his passion for the art and teaching, learning became fun and exciting. I also met people from different backgrounds—an immigration officer, a microbiologist, a nursing student, and many others—who have the same passion for makeup. I gained new friends and I got to work with people who excel in their craft (shoutout to Neeca Duncil and Wilmark Jolindon). My character was stretched especially when it comes to interacting with people. The journey wasn’t easy, but I’m so grateful I tried.

My homeworks from top left: contouring, eyeshadows, glam looks, fashion runway, wedding, wing tips, no-brows, high brows, makeup for black and white photos, and avant garde

That try led to the creation of this book.


This is my makeup manifesto. I remixed an original poem by Bunny Ty called Some Women. The poem was part of my thesis during my 4th year in college. It still surprises me how my battle cry against makeup changed.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can really bring you into a whole new realm of intimidating and amazing. But that step can also be God’s cue to start orchestrating the unimaginable in your life. And it all starts with trying AND trusting. Try without knowing lies ahead. But trust that the try will result to something—something wonderful, something you’ll learn from, something worth telling over and over. Nothing is wasted with God.

battle scars

May we always have the courage to try and trust, and to always believe the Maker of all good things can create something beautiful out of us.



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